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Clarity And Inspiration With Ready-To-Go Coaching Cards.

Forget long workshop planning and tiring meetings. Pick a card that fits the moment and find design thinking insights in seconds. Be it product innovation, organizing your team, or dealing with stakeholders: Instant Innovation Cards will get you inspired and help you make better decisions right in the moment.

better product design and team work

A Career Boost for product people: Designers, Developers and Managers alike.

Become a natural design thinker with an impeccable reputation of creative problem solving and master collaboration. Instant Innovation Cards work for anyone who is involved in a creative team, developing, designing and delivering products to their customers.

BEST PRACTICE in real life

Developed Through 20 Years Of Digital Product Design and Innovation Leadership.

Instant Innovation Cards have come together over two decades of creative practice, through projects serving millions of daily users, while leading complex enterprise services and convincing hundreds of clients, partners and stakeholders over many years.

design thinking for everyone

A Box Of Instant Innovation

  • One simple system
  • 36 timeless principles on high-quality cards.
  • 155 coaching questions to trigger fresh and valuable insights.
  • Instructions for solo and group use.
  • Free course & online certificate.

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“Oblique UX Strategies”

– Mark McElhaw, Experience Strategist